ATV (Quadracycle) Rides

You've seen the ATV’s all over the farm, with Mariano (age 8) on his own small one, Andres (age 10) on a bigger one, and Carolina (age 13), mom or dad on the biggest ones. Why? Because they are useful for getting about.

But they are also very fun.

Even the most hard nosed horse aficionado has to admit that these noisy four wheelers are a good way to pick up something at the grocery, or go out to round up the horses.

There are places we can go with the ATV’s that we wouldn't take the horses… too steep and slippery for four hooves, or too long going uphill or downhill, or too technical for inexpert riders. But on the ATV's it’s a blast. And we can do it with kids as young as 4 riding with parents or with a guide. We can split up-- some on horses, some on the ATV’s, and meet somewhere in the middle. There are places the horses can go hat the ATV's can’t, and there are places the ATV's can get to easier than you can get on a horse. So we can mix ATV's with horses (and mountain bikes as well) and everyone has a favorite mount.

Even if you are a horse "purest", swallow your pride and give this a try. While you are with us at Centaura, consider an afternoon getting completely wet and muddy, exploring back country trails or just getting to a country restaurant -- cross country.