In addition to the horseback riding, ATV exploration, and ballooning all of which which Centaura operates, there are loads of other true adventure opportunities we can incorporate into your Centaura expedition. Costa Rica is the ultimate adventure and nature destination, so take advantage of the options we can arrange for you.

Rely on Centaura to make intelligent suggestions (remember, we live here!) on weather/climate, driving distances, and likelihood of experiencing what you are looking for....

Canopy tours

Costa Rica canopy tour

Zipping from tree to tree attached to cables, a true adrenaline activity. There are about 400 operators in Costa Rica, and we've verified the safety standards in about a dozen, which we can arrange for you, depending on the area you'll be visiting. These tours are for adrenaline rather than silent nature watching.

Nature Watching in Small Silent Boats

nature float trip in Costa Rica

Several nature float trip options are available through Centaura. Our favorite is using small, private canoe-like boats on interior rivers in the northern zone (San carlos area). The boats can get under overhanging trees, and creep up on monkeys and get very close to nests and animals before they realize they are being observed.

White Water Rafting

Class III (beginner) or Class IV (advanced), half day, one day or two day excursions. Our partner, Serendipity Adventures, operates private rafting adventures on the Pacuare (magnificent Class IV) and Sarapiqui or Pejebeye (super rivers for kids down to 6 years old). Commercial operators for group tours (bus pick up with 30-60 people) are less expensive, but also less adventurous and more restrictive on ages, fitness and operation hours. We offer all the white water rivers of Costa Rica, and know when they are good for running -- and when they are best to avoid.

Hanging Bridges

Hanging Bridges, Fortuna, Costa Rica

The naturalists version of the Canopy Tour, the hanging bridges pass over the top and through the sides of a forest at a "walking pace". There are three different walking bridges in Costa Rica near our operating areas.

Butterfly Gardens

butterfly sitting on leafclick to view image

Several butterfly gardens are near Centaura Farm. These netted areas house brilliant species native to Costa Rica. Best visited early in the morning on a sunny day.

Tree Climbing

canopy tour in San Carlos area of Costa Rica

Primary forest observation platform. Ascend, either via winch or via your own strength, into a comfortable platform 110 feet above the ground, and stay long enough to enjoy the monkeys, birds and other animals that live beneath you.

Hot (Thermal) Springs

hot springsclick to view image

There are no fewer than 10 hot springs near Centaura -- some very elegant, like Tabacón, and others both natural and set in real jungle. Let Centaura take you there! Especially nice after a day of riding, or rafting, or tree climbing....

Hiking - Rain forest, Cloud Forest, Riverbank

hiking in Costa Rica

From gentle improved trails at well-established parks or places like the La Paz Waterfall Gardens to awesome hikes into the cone of a volcano. Centaura can lead you there or send you there on your own -- or by horse, or by 4x4, or by ATV.

Canyoning - Ropes, Harnesses, Waterfalls

canyoning - girl repelling rock faceclick to view image

Combine vertical jungle, clear, cascading water, ropes, harnesses, friends, and some good canyoning guides and you have a sense of what you can enjoy with Centaura.

Turtle Watching

turtles nesting on Caribbean coast

(on Caribbean or Pacific coasts) Getting to the turtle beaches can be as exciting as seeing the ancient spectacle of the nesting and hatching process. Different species of giant turtles arrive on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts at different times of the year, so again, let us use our expertise in designing your travels.


caving in San Carlos, Costa Ricaclick to view image

Caving near Centaura Farm is the "get down and get dirty" kind of caving, with some "get wet" parts, too. An excellent way to spend a day that's really hot or really raining.

Beach Stuff

sea kayaks on beach in Costa Ricaclick to view image

Both coasts are pretty easy access from Centaura -- 4 hours to either the Atlantic or the Pacific. So everything you could want is on one side or the other: sea kayaking, scuba, snorkel, turtle watching, surfing, deep sea fishing, and of course luxury resorts to simple grass shacks. Centaura will plan this part with you, and make sure you get there safely and comfortably.

Bungee Jumping

bungee jumpingclick to view image

Bungee jumping is pure adrenaline. The best opportunity is on the way from San José airport to the farm, or on the way back.

Rio Celeste (Hike, Swim, Nature)

Celeste River, Costa Ricaclick to view image

One of the most fascinating hikes in Costa Rica, the Celeste river forms at the confluence of a deep volcanic river and a surface stream, with a resulting brilliant blue water flow cascading over a delightful waterfalls. Strenuous hike to get there through some superb naturalist areas.

Frog Farm (a real lesson in sustainable ecology)

Centaura's friend grows poison dart frogs to use them in controlling insects. This fascinating primitive farm shows ecology and sustainability at its best -- when practiced by small farmers who teach us how to live in harmony with nature.

Mountain Biking

mountain biking in Costa Ricaclick to view image

The same routes we use for our horses are often accessible for mountain bikes. So if your group has some not too keen for 4 legs, they can opt for 2 wheels instead.