How Many in Your Travel Group?

We operate horseback privately rather than in groups. You always have a guide with you. The fewer in your group then the more flexible the riding options -- fast or slow, long or short rides... you will decide. The more people in your group (we can comfortably operate rides for up to 10 people), the more economical for you.

How Long?

First, tell us how long you can stay -- give us at least 8 days, if at all possible, so we can ride in three different areas.

Plan to end your stay with us after a full Sunday, when the local festivals, (Topés and Rodeos and Cabalgatas) occur. We can get you back to the international airport (either San Jose, SJO, or Liberia, LIR) in time for any flight on Monday, but plan a full day Sunday to enjoy our horses and traditional festivals with horses.

Time of Year

Tell us when you'll be arriving -- within a few weeks, at least, so we know what weather you'll likely encounter, and can plan a route for you that makes the most sense. Ideally, let us know your exact flight information so we can plan your stay without wasting a moment in San José.

Your Priorities and Vision

Then tell us what is your greatest passion with horses -- riding on a beach? Driving cattle? Riding to the top of an active volcano (you can see the steam coming from the vents near you). Seeing the rainforest from the back of a horse, as the Conquistadores saw it when Columbus first arrived in 1502? Spotting the ocean from a mountaintop, and arriving at the ocean as the sun is setting? Riding with the local people on daily chores in the fields, taking kids to school, harvesting plants, rounding up cattle? Staying at a hacienda, where all of a day's chores are done on horseback or with oxcarts?

What Else Do You Want To Do?

Tell us what else you've heard about Costa Rica that intrigues you -- hot springs and mud baths, white water rafting or scuba diving, canopy tour (from tree to tree on steel cables), deep sea fishing or naturalist floats, sea kayaking or caving, hiking cloud forests or across swinging bridges, canyoning (rappelling down a series of waterfalls), or birds and butterflies and mammals? Want to fly with us in our balloon? Or eat lunch 110 feet up in the branches of a tree?

What Style of Hotels?

Let us know what style hotels you want -- elegant, rustic, horse farm “home stay”? Our Villa is an option - immerse yourselves in the rhythm of the horse farm. If you have definite sleeping requirements, we need to know before we design your travels. All our selections are very clean, bug free, even (the owner's bedroom) in the stables.

Most horse people are genuinely impressed with the quality of Costa Rican accommodations, so if you don't set your expectations to American Dude Ranches, you'll get along really well here.

We also need to know if you have any diet or medical restrictions, or any physical limitations we need to design around.

Call Us to Start Designing

Once you have a vision of what your travels would be like, give us a call (see all the details on contacting us on its own page) and we can design your adventures together.