Centaura is for all people and all riding levels. We love to spoil and pamper the expert riders with magnificent animals. And for beginning riders -- to build confidence and turn the very first horse experience into a big smile.


We take everybody…families sharing a horse passion, couples riding and finding a way together, friends looking to mount up and escape from real life, and single riders enjoying the pure freedom of riding. Centaura loves having travelers looking for well cared for animals, the best of gear and equipment, and highest safety standards -- without limiting your freedom while you ride. We love taking you places away from the crowds, away from other tourists. We love showing you real Costa Rica from the back of a fine horse.

We do not tell you which horse to ride. We want you to choose among our horses and look for the magic and the spark that only the chosen horse can give you.

All our rides are private. This is not a head to tail ride. Our horses do not go in lines. Any one of our horses can take the lead if you ask them to. As long as you respect our horses and show us that you know what you are doing, we give you the freedom to enjoy them.

We love having properly schooled riders, horse riders who look like they are one with the horse, with perfect movements and balanced bodies. But we also love having riders who do not fret over posture, the ones who have a big smile carved on their faces, who figure out their own ways of riding for pleasure and control.

We have a great selection of horses, from the ones that listen to every signal of the rider to the ones that are perfect for the first ride ever. We specialize in the Paso Fino, a breed that a lot of riders are not familiar with, but we guarantee you that once you try a Paso, you will get hooked. To see more of our fine animals, check Our Horses.