Hot air Balloon inflating in Costa Rica, flown by Centaura for Serendipity Adventures


Horses are a passion for all of us in Centaura. Flying hot air balloons is a second passion, for all but Pedro, who is terrified of anything without four feet or 8 wheels.

So come see the remarkable world we have discovered aloft. See what only birds and a few chosen, lucky humans have seen. The rain forest from above.

Sunrise is a precious time of day in the tropics, full of awakening and warming with the sun. The birds, the monkeys, the iguanas and sloth all reach for the tops of the forest. The air is still tranquil - the sun hasn't stirred the breezes yet. And the balloon plays softly with the sun’s early rays.

Once you have seen the rainforest from close above, you will be forever touched by its grandeur. The sounds of life in the forest echo upward, and stick in your memory forever.

And then dare yourself to go even higher. Pass through wispy clouds, not quite formed. There you are, above it now, the whole world now softy pillowed below the white fluff -- only belching Arenal Volcano is up there with you. It is a very intimate place -- the small basket you are standing in -- alone above the clouds.

Esteban, your host in Centaura, is also one of Serendipity’s balloon pilots. We encourage Centaura guests to fly with us. Esteban will let you know when the flying conditions are ideal - just let him know that you want to include ballooning in your Centaura adventures.

Balloon flights cost $1200 for a charter flight (up to six passengers) or $345 per person (non-private flight). Advance reservations required, but often available for tomorrow, if you are already in the Arenal area. Flights are at sunrise. We take off from a soccer field behind Tilajari Resort, 4 miles from Centaura.